And the boring stuff always end up with me – to try and explain technically what we are doing here; I will try and make this as succinct as possible so humans can understand too:

Our human George Wolmarans designs special cat inspired images for a range of ceramics, which he then prints using special printer conversion technology and ceramic toner.  Prints are transferred onto decal paper that is cover coated to stabilize pigments (technical stuff).  He then transfers the designs to ceramics of your choice (i.e. bone china mugs/fine bone china mugs/tiles) by HAND (we sure taught him well). Ceramics are fired in a kiln at 800 degrees to ensure durability and quality (sorry more technical slang), including being scratch proof and dishwasher safe. Designs are available in a range of colour – but sorry – no primary colours – as through our process we want your ceramics to remain as beautiful as the day you bought them.” –  Chief Technical Cat (CTC) – Charlie



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