“As brand manager of Nine Lives, we confess we are passionate about of our fellow felines, to preserve and
enhance their beauty and lives and, from time to time, spoil our humans. We commissioned a specialist in
the appreciation of the feline form to design a range of ceramic products that can be customised to your
specifications. No mass production, just like us felines – all special and one of a kind. Spoil yourself, your
human or your fellow cat enthusiast with one of our special commemorative designs.” – Chief Public
Relations Cat (CPRC) – Triger

Chief Executive Cat – CEC

Mortitia Also affectionately known as Muerte, Mordy or Great White Lion, is a veteran of cat politics, mostly known as an activist for “yoghurt for all felines”. Mortitia contributes determination, midday snoozes and plenty of printer sit ins to the company. He knows where the yoghurt is kept and employs staff to keep him in the fashion that he is accustomed to.  Mostly an arm chair manager.

Chief Financial Cat – CFC

Benjaminaka Spookie – brings a wealth of knowledge to the portfolio, mostly gleaned from years of surreptitiously scanning the neighbourhood, amassing and counting trophies of many prey. He knows where to hide.

Chief Technical Cat – CTC – Prince Charles Mountbatten

Better known as Charlie – he has perfected the art of tree climbing, scaling walls and generally lazing about. He startles instantaneously and patrols the perimeter with devastating timing and accuracy. Enjoys raw eggs in his spare time when he is not assisting with operational processes.

Chief Safety and Sustainable Development Cat CS&SDC – Princess Charlotte

Known by her given name Nahla has survived many a safety ordeal – including being attacked by two huskies – which makes her ideally qualified to develop and maintain stakeholder relations with Co-Sanc cat sanctuary and the Blue Bush Veterinarian Clinic.

Chief Public Relations (and Communication) Cat – CPRC- Lord Greystoke

Aka Triger is best known for his particularly efficient communication skills and social flair which makes him ideally suited to this illustrious role. Although the youngest of the team, he is never the less well experienced.

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